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Breastfeeding Support

The midwifery journey with Ocean Midwives does not stop when your baby is born. In many ways, the journey is just beginning! The transition to early parenting, whether your first or eighth baby, is full of emotion, questions, concerns, and joy. A huge part of these early hours, days, and months revolve around feeding your baby. I know that feeding your baby is an intimate form of communicating and loving your child. Feeding your baby is more than ensuring they are full; it is knowing that they are nourished.

Breastfeeding is often a mother’s (and baby’s) first choice in how to be fed and loved. There is a strong hormonal drive for women and babies to breastfed. Breastmilk is a complete human food that is individualized for your baby’s specific needs, even adjusting temperature, antibodies, and fat and calorie content at different times in a baby’s development! Breastfeeding is convenient, enhances mother-baby bonding, and feels good as it increases oxytocin levels, the love hormone, in moms and babies!

However, breastfeeding is not always a seamless transition. Breastfeeding can involve a significant learning curve, and as your midwife, I am here to support you and your baby. I know that pregnant women are often inundated with opinions and stories of breastfeeding. Some of these stories are very positive, and some might make a mother who had never nursed a baby before a little nervous. Many women have never been exposed to a woman breastfeeding prior to their own baby. I standardly do three home visits in the first two weeks postpartum, largely to support and answer questions about feeding your baby. I am also always available by phone or for additional visits as needed. Ia am here for you!

Sometimes breastfeeding is not the right fit for a mother baby pair. I strive to be an open-minded source of support without judgment. I view the many components of feeding your baby on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Since I offer visits up to a year postpartum, I also can offer resources and support about when and what solid foods to introduce, pumping and going back to work, weaning, and more. The more support and community you have empowers you in the choices you make about feeding your child, whatever those choices are!

Please see the resources page for many helpful articles about feeding your baby!