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Idaho Birth Journey Part 2

So happy to announce that Daisy Burke White was born on 5/3/16 at 4:56 pm!  6 lb 14 oz, 20.5 inches long.  And yes, a girl!  I was convinced since the minute Dani told me she was pregnant that this baby was a boy, so I was (and still am a little bit) so surprised!  No one else seemed surprised, as all the kids in Dani’s family are girls.


However, waiting for Daisy to be born was full of surprises!

On 5/1/16, Dani’s due date, her water broke at 10:30 pm.  She ran upstairs and showed me an amnicator (which is a long q-tip with pH paper on the tip that turns alkaline, or dark blueberry blue, when it comes in contact with amniotic fluid).  Well, it was the most obvious blueberry positive I have ever seen!  Reminded me of the same energy someone has when running up with a pregnancy test, excited to be at the beginning of a whole new journey! … Read More

Idaho Birth Journey Part 1

Hi All,

Well I (Whitney) have been in Idaho for two weeks with my very good friend Dani who invited me to be here with her for the birth of her second baby. Her estimated due date is 5/1/16, so our original plan was for me to fly out 4/28-5/10, but a few weeks ago she started having some signs the baby may come earlier.


So, I changed my ticket and flew out 4/14, planning to head home 4/28, which is now today and her baby isn’t here yet.  We are both midwives and we know in our bones that babies come when they are ready, that we can’t know when that is, and yet the first sign of bloody show and mucus and I was on the next flight!  I had been saying all along that if there were any signs the baby was maybe coming sooner I would fly out earlier, so I knew I had to stick to my word. … Read More