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Idaho Birth Journey Part 1

Hi All,

Well I (Whitney) have been in Idaho for two weeks with my very good friend Dani who invited me to be here with her for the birth of her second baby. Her estimated due date is 5/1/16, so our original plan was for me to fly out 4/28-5/10, but a few weeks ago she started having some signs the baby may come earlier.


So, I changed my ticket and flew out 4/14, planning to head home 4/28, which is now today and her baby isn’t here yet.  We are both midwives and we know in our bones that babies come when they are ready, that we can’t know when that is, and yet the first sign of bloody show and mucus and I was on the next flight!  I had been saying all along that if there were any signs the baby was maybe coming sooner I would fly out earlier, so I knew I had to stick to my word. … Read More

Alcohol and Pregnancy: What are the true risks?


The below two-part post is written by Elizabeth Mitchell Armstrong, Ph.D., M.P.A., copied from a newsletter Science and Sensibility. This is a two-part series on recent CDC recommendations about alcohol in pregnancy. There has been a lot of backlash about the CDC recommendations being overly fear-based and overbearing, as the CDC is also recommending that women who are sexually active and not on oral contraceptives should also refrain from drinking. I particularly like this quote:

“Pregnancy and childbirth have always been awesome, awe-inspiring and inherently uncertain experiences. Consider the irony of a world in which reproduction is safer than ever, but women and their partners are ever more worried and anxious about pregnancy and birth. Endless warnings broadcast to all women regardless of actual risk form a dark and ominous cloud overshadowing the radiant joy of pregnancy and anticipation of the arrival of a child. This latest CDC warning reflects the increasingly fear-based approach to managing the uncertainty of pregnancy; it’s a flashback to the idea that women could unwittingly harm their unborn children.”

With all the information, pregnancy cautions, and common medical interventions that often lead to more interventions, let’s not lose sight of the joyous miracle that is pregnancy and birth.… Read More