Ocean Midwives
I offer visits in the convenience of your own home- please call for details!

Prenatal Care


At Ocean Midwives, I really value the relationship we build with my clients prenatally. Typically, I see clients once a month until 28 weeks pregnant, every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks pregnant, a prenatal home visit at 37 weeks, and then weekly prenatal visits until the birth. At every prenatal visit I have a full hour to spend with clients. This time is used to get to know the whole person/ whole family, focusing not just on the physical health and well-being of mother and baby, but also on her emotional, spiritual, and mental health. All throughout prenatal care I am always keeping a client’s medical history, pregnancy and birth history, and nutrition and current lifestyle choices in mind to better serve each woman. Building this relationship of trust and deep knowing with my clients prenatally helps me to individualize my care for their birth and in the postpartum.

Prenatally we will spend a lot of time discussing nutrition, herbs/ homeopathy, body alignment and exercises, and general pregnancy education so you, the client, feels empowered in taking care of yourself and your baby, with my continued guidance. I offer/ can draw all the standard prenatal labwork options, with the use of informed choice, at our office. I can also refer for ultrasounds, genetic screening, and any other pertinent referrals for diagnostics or to allied health professionals, as needed.

I offer all prenatal care visits at home (in North County) for an additional cost- please call to inquire!

Some of the lab services we offer include:

Obstetric Panel

Blood Type/ Rh Factor

Complete Blood Count

Rubella titer

RPR (syphilis)

HIV Screening

Gonorrhea/ Chlamydia Cultures

Glucose Screening

Group Beta Strep Culture

Pap Smear

I have two offices where I provide prenatal care. On Wednesdays I have a home office in Encinitas and on Thursdays I have an office in Solana Beach at Ocean Wellness. It is a great space with many like-minded practitioners serving moms and babies, including a chiropractor, massage therapist/ doula, and acupuncturist. I am so excited to be a part of that community and offer so many services in one location to my clients!